New House, New Garden


Hi Jankov, We just built our new house, and it's time to start working with the garaden. But I have no idea what to do?

what do you recommand?

  • There are no stones in the field.
  • The filed needs to be ''even and leveled'' a little bit.'
  • The earth is really good quality, my neighbors say it is ''matjord''

Should I just start, leveling before I put the grass, or should I bring Kompost and mix it to the field...

What should I do?

That you for your time and help!

Mvh, Tony

Odla Svarar: 

Hi Tony! Just start to level the field. If it is "matjord" You just have to fetilize with Algomin Trädgård 10 kg /100 kvm then You will have the best conditions for the gras to grow and develop. If it is a heavy soil You have to ease it up with "barkmull". Then You level it further with a "gallervält" and then You start sowing with a "såmaskin".

Water the new seeds often and spareingly. When its getting green fetilize but take half dose. Use "Algomin Gräsgödsel". You will have the best lawn i the neibourhood.

Good luck Jankov